Hey! I’m Abbie.

I’m a photographer for the lovers and fighters. Of emotions, heart, and soul.

I believe in connection over perfection, in telling your stories as they come and happen, in creating a comfortable place for you to be yourselves and to celebrate your love or process your life.

I will ALWAYS choose an emotional photo over a perfect one.

Emotion seeps through my art. I feel very deeply, always, and fight to remain raw and soft through life. My greatest ambition is to love as many people on this earth as I can until the day I die, and the fire that drives me is peace, equality, and safety for every life. There is so much beauty in the rawness of the world.

Let’s meet up! You bring your love and memories, I’ll bring my heart and eyes.

These moments will be embalmed forever, photographs found in dusty attics and on cracked walls.

Not only will you remember what happened, but how it made you feel. How beautiful is that?


I’m the new mother of an absolutely spellbinding, bright-eyed daughter named Florence, and we live together in British Columbia, Canada.

But we also travel! She’s already been across the ocean.

Currently offering wedding photography, elopement photography, and family photography for 2018 and 2019, as well as a limited number of births as doula and birth photographer.

LGBTQIA+ couples and families always welcome.