POETRY // I Wait

I call to remembrance My song in the night

Wishing on wings

I could take flight

The pain in my heart

Being too much to bear

I wait for salvation

In the cool dark air

How long, oh lord?

How many times

Must I sink to the ocean floor

How long, oh lord?

How many cries

Must I beat at your door before

You hear me

You deliver us through

the sea and the waves

Your mercy is found

In the blackness of caves

When I am emptied

And cannot carry on

You fill me piece by piece

Remind me of my song

How long, oh lord?

How many days

Do I wait to be found

How long, oh lord?

How many ways

Must I be thrown to the ground

Am I waiting for the wrong things?

Instead of picking me up

You lie in the dust, hold my tears

In your bottle shattered at my feet

Instead of pulling me from depths

You swim in the waves, next to me

Feel the salt in my eyes and the light on my heart

Am I waiting for the wrong things?

Instead of saving me from my pain

You cover yourself with ashes

Of my burning dreams.

You do not wipe away my tears,

You weep, but wait, and work,

Because you see the end, you see the light,

When I cannot.

You see the treasure, in my cracked and weathered vessel,

You see the gold forming in my shattered soul,

You see the shores ahead when I can only see the waves.

So I wait, until I can see what you are seeing

I wait, for your promise compassed

And I wait, with you, in the depths.


// one am, someone’s couch, weak from crying, these words poured out onto a note in my phone //


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